Safety Star

Safety Star:
Driver Diagnostic Module (DDM) TrackTec’s Driver Diagnostic Module is a
small display to show real-time g-force events.
The DDM unit can be installed anywhere on the dashboard so that
the driver can see it in his/her peripheral vision.
Audio and visual alerts can be turned on and off, according to each person’s preference
and the device can be set to “teaching” mode – with an even higher sensitivity.
In addition to teaching the driver about dangerous driving habits, it can also teach how to drive in
a more fuel-efficient manner. This not only saves fuel, but also reduces wear and tear on the vehicle.
A handy panic button is built-in allowing the driver to send an sms to multiple people in the
event that this is required.TrackTec’s DDM is a small and tastefully designed unit which can be
configured in different light and sound settings to fit each individuals taste.

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